Schaubmarov mlyn (Schaubmar's mill)
Cajlanská 255
902 01 Pezinok-Cajla

Schaubmar’s mill can be reached the easiest by car, but also by public transport or by foot. Direct buses to Cajla run rarely, you will probably have to change in Pezinok at the Town Hall Square. The nearest stop to Schaubmar’s mill is Pezinok, Zumberg, from there it is just a few steps back into the city. From Bratislava you can hop on a bus with a transfer of less than an hour and a half. If you want to walk from Pezinok, follow the red tourist sign — a walk from the city center takes about 40 minutes. 

In case you decide to come by car, you have two parking options. Parking areas are located directly in front of the entrance to Schaubmar’s mill, however, due to their limited capacity, please consider the second option. Near Schaubmar’s mill there is a large parking lot opposite the football field CFK Pezinok — Cajla. Parking is not marked, but the cars can be parked on the grass area between the poles of public lighting. From there, it is about a 5-minute walk to Schaubmar’s mill. Below you will find a map and photo of the parking lot. 

And if you accidentally find out during the celebration that you need to leave the car in Cajla, we agreed with the taxi drivers to take you back to Bratislava.