Our wedding celebration will take the form of a picnic on Saturday 01.07.2023 from 10AM to 10PM at Schaubmar’s mill in Pezinok. You are invited to arrive when you feel like it and when it will suit you. We will be waiting for you in the morning while drinking coffee — we can have breakfast together, meet, celebrate, sit, dance, discuss, enjoy love, life, and summer. 

The wedding will be more day-like, without any midnight program or other responsibilities. However, if you want to hide away from the bustle of the party, the sun and discover what is inside of the Schaubmar’s mill — at 2.30PM there will be a guided tour of the mill, gallery and its current exhibitions in English. Please, join us if you feel like it, or otherwise come test your knowledge of Slovak half an hour earlier, i.e. 2:00PM, when the tour will be offered in Slovak. 

You will find food on tables at the café and wine in the mill’s creek - feel free to grab whatever is to your liking - everything is self-service only. We would like to share our favorite snacks with you, so we will make sure that they will be available throughout the day, either outside or at the café. If you are not sure where to find plates, glasses or napkins, try the café first and if you don't succeed, just ask around. 

On the important topic of desserts — even if you arrive later — you will not miss the wedding cake — instead, you will find sweet treats and ice cream throughout the day. We believe that on a warm July day, you will enjoy those more than any melting layers of a fancy cake. 

Since there is no dress-code, come as you wish in informal, light, summery, flowery, lineny clothes... even the wedding couple will have sneakers! Hats, caps and sunscreens will certainly come in handy, too. 

Since we want our wedding to be a celebration of freedom — we want both you and us to feel free — time and space-wise. The wedding will take place all around the Schaubmar’s mill. Please, do have a walk in the orchard, sit on the blankets and at the small tables in the yard with people you haven't met before, go cool down to the barn or take a look inside of the cafe. Be free, open, and most importantly - enjoy it! 

When preparing for the wedding – we advise bringing comfortable clothes for the whole day under the sun and on the grass, your favorite outdoor games (frisbee, boules or badminton) and instead of flower bouquets some good picnic food — we will be grateful for salads, spreads, pastries, and cakes. We're up for a surprise.